How To Organise FlashMOVE

Choreographed groups perform the FlashMOVE spontaneously in cities across Europe to promote the start of MOVE Week.

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How to organise FlashMOVE in 4 easy steps

  • 1

    Chose a choreography from our 4 different dances (scroll down to watch the videos)

  • 2

    Practice the choreography

  • 3

    Register your FlashMOVE event

  • 4

    Film the FlashMOVE and upload on (youtube) and add it to the the web-site

  • 5

    Promote your FlashMOVE event - download the communication guide

  • 6

    On 27 September 2017 (European Fitness Day), do the FlashMOVE

  • 7

    Film the FlashMOVE and upload onto the web-site

  • 8

    Share your FlashMOVE video on social media with the #nowwedance #beactive


FlashMOVE does not have to showcase the perfect dance moves, theatrical masterpieces or acrobatic tricks and we don’t expect everyone (except for the leader) to do it perfectly – the whole point is to create a fun event – be it indoor or outdoor that creates attention and raises the discussion of physical inactivity crisis.

FlashMOVE Choreography

FlashMOVE Choreography

FlashMOVE Choreography

FlashMOVE Choreography

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