HOW TO in 8 easy steps

  • 1

    Download and read the extensive FlashMOVE guide in which we give you all the details.

  • 2

    Chose a choreography from our 4 different dances (scroll down to watch the videos)

  • 3

    Practice the choreography

  • 4

    Register your FlashMOVE event

  • 5

    Promote your FlashMOVE event - download the communication guide

  • 6

    On 27 September 2017 (European Fitness Day), do the FlashMOVE

  • 7

    Film the FlashMOVE and upload onto the web-site

  • 8

    Share your FlashMOVE video on social media with the #nowwedance #beactive

FlashMOVE is the biggest dance party in Europe. How ?

The FlashMOVE is a simultaneous flash mob organized by ISCA and its partners as part of the NowWeMOVE campaign promoting physical activity. FlashMOVE also supports the European Week of Sport’s #BeActive message. Wherever you are in Europe, every city will be dancing at the same day: 27 September 2017. That’s why we call it the biggest dance party in Europe.

In 2017 you can choose the FlashMOVE choreography you prefer from the videos below. They all have easy moves that the main participants of your flash mob can learn and passers-by can do on the spot. Together they will be active, have fun and promote health through physical activity. If it’s held on a public square or at a landmark in your city, your FlashMOVE will draw attention to your great work in promoting the benefits of being active and will contribute to creating social cohesion in Europe.

FlashMOVE choreography 4

FlashMOVE choreography 3

FlashMOVE choreography 2

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European FlashMOVE is an event supporting the European Week of Sport