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FlashMOVE Guide

FlashMOVE is the name of the NowWeMOVE flash mob. A FlashMOVE is perfectly suited to promote European Week of Sport as the choreography unfolds gradually and passers-by can join in and be active.

It is an opportunity for the initiative to make a strong link with its European dimension. All countries involved in the FlashMOVE have the chance to show their European neighbours who they are. The European Union motto is “United in diversity”, so let’s show this diversity based on a solid common support: the FlashMOVE.

The idea is to show that everybody can dance and is free to create their own moves. The FlashMOVE choreography allows participants to express themselves while having fun.

FlashMOVE does not have to showcase the perfect dance moves, theatrical masterpieces or acrobatic tricks and we don’t expect everyone (except for the leader) to do it perfectly – the whole point is to create a large, active group thanks to the organised participants and people passing by.

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European FlashMOVE 2016 Step-by-step Choreography Tutorial

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European FlashMOVE is European Week of Sport event
and part of the NowWeMOVE campaign!